Week Ending 3/29

Thank you!


Thank you to the National Honor Society seniors, who sponsored a teacher appreciation lunch on Friday, to give a token of a gratitude to the educators who have helped them so much this year. Given the number of college acceptances that have gone up on the "wall" this week and year, it is clear that we have a fabulous senior class that cares a great deal about the staff's contributions to their success.


Week That Was

Here's a look back at the Week That Was from UHS:


Course Decisions

We hope to be making some decisions on courses that will run next year in the coming couple of weeks, in case there are any impacts to the selections that some students have made. There is the possibility that some classes are not going to be running due to low enrollment, so when we know those, we will be sure to communicate those with the staff.


Challenging Conversations Ahead

As we discussed earlier this week in a letter to the community, and we shared with our School Council at this week's meeting, we are about to embark on some deep conversations with our school and community that help us understand empathy, sensitivity, and compassion, particularly as we seek to have a more inclusive school. We know that there are many who understand the challenges we face in terms of discussing concepts of racial prejudice and discrimination, but over the past few days we have thought about expanding the dialogue to include students who are targeted due to sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or national origin. As with any dialogue, our goal is to empower more students and young adults to stand up to the wrongs their peers may face.


By no means do we think we have all the answers, so if there are individuals in the community who have opinions on the matter, please let us know, and we will be happy to include those in the ongoing dialogue. We expect this to be a more formal goal and process as we move forward.