The schoolwide rubric reports share our composite information, which is something we compile twice per year. Individual student progress is reflected on assignments within disciplines and on the student's report card comments. Our reason for doing so is to help share and validate our core values and beliefs about learning, that our students are achieving the skills that we want to see in them before they graduate from UHS. Parents can expect to see feedback on multiple assignments in each discipline, and reporting of progress via report card comments and a whole-school report just occurred as part of the report card. You can also compare your individual student's progress to the whole group, see the pattern in certain departments, and see how many of our students improve with respect to these habits over time. 

    Feel free to reach out to teachers, counselors, or administration with any questions.


    Michael Rubin, Principal

    Uxbridge High School students are generally assessed at least twice per quarter using the school-wide rubric. Additionally, teachers will establish areas of growth and adapt assessments based on these skills. Individual student progress is reported to families twice per year: at the mid-year, quarter two report card and and the year-end, quarter four report card.




    1. Use technology as a resource to access, evaluate, and effectively apply information, as well as enhance communication
    2. Communicate information clearly and effectively, with consideration of audience
    3. Work independently and collaboratively to solve problems, think critically, and create original products
    4. Value and demonstrate personal responsibility, character, cultural understanding, and ethical behavior
    5. Become an active owner of his/her learning, demonstrating adaptability and independence.


  • We believe:


    • That our entire community shares responsibility for high standards of excellence and integrity. All members share a love and passion for learning together, while communicating respectfully with one another. All members are encouraged to set goals, to express themselves, to embrace and engage students, and to commit to a continuous cycle of growth. Through these, we will foster academic, social, linguistic, and physical progress within a safe atmosphere.
    • That our entire community must persevere through challenges and adversity, and that this determination will foster and teach grit, empathy, curiosity, and independence to students of all abilities. We believe that growth occurs when we turn failures into successes, enabling our students to feel confident every day. Through a supportive and safe learning environment, our students will take academic risks, develop grit, set and achieve goals, allow for individual exploration and growth, and leave UHS as citizens ready to contribute to society at large.
    • That our entire community should be encouraged to accept new ideas and thoughts, to appreciate the differences in culture and experiences each person brings, and to have tolerance for different points of view and individuals. We believe in challenging ideas, but doing so respectfully and in a way that encourages diversity of thought.
    • That respect for self and others is the cornerstone on which an effective classroom and school community functions. Through mutual respect, flexibility, and kindness, our teachers, parents, and students can work together toward common goals,  supporting each other and collaboratively engaging in the learning process and building toward student growth.
    • That a primary responsibility is to teach effective communication, compassion, and balance between the mind, body, and spirit of our students. We believe learning has both a practical and authentic side, which we can differentiate to accommodate different student strengths. Students need to be able to use knowledge, both analytically and creatively, which will enable them to be successful after their time at UHS.
    • In holding all members of our community accountable to high standards of behavior and academics. We believe in being flexible,  embracing differences and challenges, and working together with optimism and patience toward common goals, be it in the classroom or through the extracurricular program. We believe individuals should take ownership and be responsible for their choices, actions, and achievement.
    • In nurturing an environment that balances independence with collaboration, builds personal responsibility, and creates ownership of choices and achievement. In helping students achieve beyond what they think they can accomplish, all members of our community are expected to set challenging, attainable goals that continuously drive a pattern of self-improvement. We believe in teaching self-discipline, time management, and lifelong learning.