Senior Portraits, Quotes, and Baby Pictures

  • It may seem early to start thinking about senior portraits, quotes, and baby pictures, but they will be due to the yearbook staff on Tuesday, October 15, 2024, so the summer before senior year is the best time to take your photo and look for the perfect baby picture!

    Senior Portraits

    • Head and shoulders portraits, close-ups, and 3/4 length portraits are all acceptable.
    • The layout for the senior section uses a portrait (tall) orientation, not landscape (wide), for photos. If you submit a landscape photo, we will crop it to fit the layout.
    • The yearbook is a school publication; please make sure that your outfit complies with the school dress code.
    • Props are permitted in photos; however, pets and fellow humans are not considered props.

    Senior Quotes & Activities

    • Senior quotes may be up to 150 characters.
    • Senior quotes will be reviewed by the yearbook staff and school administration prior to being printed in the yearbook.

     Senior Baby Pictures

    • If you wish to submit a baby picture but aren't sure where the cutoff for a "baby" is, we usually receive photos that represent a range of ages from newborns to preschoolers - anything in that range is fine!
    • Submitting a baby picture is completely optional. If you do not have or do not wish to submit a photo for this section, no problem.
    • Smartphone photos of print photos sometimes make it harder to recognize our baby seniors! The yearbook staff can scan your printed baby photos and return them to you, which can reduce glare, distortion, and shadows that sometimes occur when taking a photo of a photo. 

    Submission Guidelines

    • Submit your portrait, quote, and baby picture online using a Google form that will be posted in the fall. 
    • All portrait prints or digital files should be submitted by Tuesday, October 15, 2024. The following week, the yearbook staff will begin creating the portrait section in anticipation of their first deadline for page submissions. We will do our best to accommodate late submissions, but cannot guarantee that portraits, quotes, and baby photos received after October 15, 2024, will be included in the yearbook.
    • If you do not submit another photo to the yearbook staff to use as your senior portrait, we will use your school ID photo.
    • Any photo taken with modern technology will be big enough for us to use! The absolute minimum is 800 x 600 pixels (approximately 5.25 x 4 inches at 150 dpi), far lower than even a photo taken with an older smartphone.

    If you have any questions about senior portraits or quotes not answered above, please email, but be aware that this email may not be monitored consistently over the summer vacation.