• Uxbridge High School has earned, in the past year, two Workforce Skills Capital Grants totaling nearly $300,000 in investment from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

    The Massachusetts Workforce Skills Cabinet (WSC) was created by an Executive Order of Governor Charlie Baker on February 26, 2015. The Cabinet aligns the Executive Offices of Education, Labor and Workforce Development, and Housing and Economic Development toward a comprehensive economic growth agenda. The Cabinet is charged with creating and implementing a strategy to ensure that individuals can develop and continuously improve their skills and knowledge to meet the varying hiring needs of employers in the Commonwealth. The Workforce Skills Cabinet has adopted criteria to guide its collaborative work: 


    • Be Demand-Driven: Meets a business-driven need, as documented in the funding application and verified in the funding review, award, and implementation  
    • Leverages Partnerships: Builds connections between and among educational institutions (including middle/high schools, community colleges, and state colleges/universities), and between educational institutions, private sector businesses and non-profit organizations 
    • Responds to Regional Plans: Responds to Workforce Skills Cabinet Regional Planning Blueprint and aligns to existing regional economic development, workforce development, and higher education plans to meet the business-driven need
    • Maximizes Increase in Skilled Workers: Leads to an increase in the number of skilled workers in a cost-effective way to meet business-driven hiring needs, and, to the greatest extent possible, focuses on improving the skills of students and/or individuals facing barriers to employment
    • Leverages Other Funding: Builds on other sources of local, state, federal and private funding to meet common goals
    • Builds on Proven Programs: Supports or expands a program that has shown proven results, or is based on a model that has shown proven results
    • Demonstrates Sustainability: Shows evidence of the ability to sustain a contribution to the workforce pipeline after grant funds have expired

    UHS has deployed to support its engineering/advanced manufacturing, biomedical science, and information science Innovation Pathways:

    - A multipurpose transit bus that can transport up to 14 students

    - 3D printer and laser cutting technology

    - Drone/unmanned aircrafts

    - The first motion-capture studio in a Massachusetts high school

    - Digital cameras

    - Desktop and laptop computers

    - Robotic arm technology