• Hello Taft Families and Friends!

    Welcome to the Taft Early Learning Center Library.  Part of our students’ educational experiences here at Taft ELC, include participating in the library program on a weekly basis.  

    During their weekly visits to the library, students will engage in a read aloud and related lesson or activity.  Students will have the opportunity to borrow books from the library to bring home and share with families and friends.  Upon completing their book selections and check-out for the week, students will be able to participate in library centers and occasional STEAM challenge activities.  

    We understand and expect that accidents will occasionally happen.  If your child’s book(s) is damaged or lost, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at briker@uxbridge.k12.ma.us.  Please do not try to replace the book without reaching out first.   For specific library policies, please check the Taft ELC Student Parent Handbook.  

    To see our catalog and search for something special to read with your child, please access our library here.  

    Happy Reading!
    Mrs. Riker