• "STEM" represents science, technology, engineering, and math. “STEAM” represents STEM plus the arts. The key component of STEM and STEAM is integration of all of the subjects. Instead of teaching disciplines in independent subjects (like Math and Science) lessons are well-rounded, project and inquiry-based. STEM and STEAM align with the way we work and solve problems in our daily lives. With STEM,  I will be teaching skills the way they will be used in the workforce and the real world. Rarely does a job require only one skill set, like math. For example, picture an architect who uses science, math, engineering, and technology to do their jobs. The subjects do not work on their own, instead, they are woven together in practical and seamless ways, allowing the architect to design complex buildings. STEM and STEAM subjects are not new, they are simply ways of understanding and applying an integrated form of learning that resembles real life. Instead of teaching math as separate from science, they can be taught together in a way that shows how the knowledge from those two fields complements and supports each other. PLUS HAVING FUN LEARNING IT! 

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please email me at agallerani@uxbridge.k12.ma.us


    Ms. Amada Gallerani  

    STEAM Teacher