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    The Mission of the Uxbridge Public Schools Technology Department is to engage all students and staff in a technology rich environment that is safe, easy to understand, enjoyable and efficient. The effective integration of technology into the curriculum together with a deeper understanding of the responsibilities involved in that technology, will prepare students and staff to successfully adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the digital society we now live in. 

    Our Vision is for all students and staff at Uxbridge Public Schools will be critical thinkers, problem solvers, communicators and responsible digital citizens through the practical use of technology. 

    A Digital Society is “a modern society formed out of easy access to and use of information and communication technology at work, home, school and during recreation. This easy access is supported by advanced telecommunications and wireless connection and creates a framework for which we approach how we live and interact with each other.”

    Consider that almost everyone now has access to wireless devices no matter where they are. Information and communication are instantly available and changes in related technologies are advancing rapidly. We need to ensure that our students not only are able to adapt to this environment, but are also able to excel through familiarity and early skill development in this technology.


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Technology Staff

  • Jessica Brittingham
    Jessica Brittingham
    Director of Technology and Digital Learning
    Robert Lajoie
    High School 

    David Giles
    Whitin Intermediate  

    Jack Clem
    Taft Early Learning Center